Azure Stack Remote Patient Monitor: 5 Day Workshop

World Wide Technology

This workshop produces a strategic plan of execution for healthcare organizations seeking to modernize how data is used to deliver care via the latest cloud and edge computing technologies.

Over the course of one-week, applicable WWT subject matter experts will work closely with your organization to identify concrete opportunities for digital transformation and develop an executable roadmap to achieve your goals. Workshops are tailored to each healthcare organization’s unique needs. What to Expect: Day 1 & 2: Write Your Future To better understand your opportunities for transformation, we begin with a look at your legacy IT infrastructure and operational processes. After we learn about your core business, pain points and technology stack, we’ll take a deep dive into the topic areas of most interest to you along with the key outcomes you wish to achieve by introducing a technology like Azure Stack Edge. Topics covered in this future-mapping exercise are entirely up to you. Examples might include security and governance, standardization, and technology and process maturity. Stage 2: Day 3 & 4: Guided Learning & Solutioning in the ATC Our experts then educate your team on the various technology solutions that can be leveraged to achieve your goals. This guided learning takes place in WWT’s ATC, a collaborative innovation ecosystem to design, build, educate and deploy innovative technology products, integrated architectural solutions and digital business outcomes. Using our state-of-the art lab’s simulation capabilities — available remotely or in person — your team will experience firsthand how solutions like Azure Stack Edge will perform in your environment. Our team uses feedback from this session to refine our architectural design and reference code. Day 5: Solution Showcase As a deliverable, our consultants create an actionable roadmap outlining the steps needed to execute the high-level solution design jointly developed in prior stages. You’ll learn what components need to be built versus those that can be repurposed from existing technology. You’ll learn about recommended the process changes and upskilling needed to achieve your goals.