SQL Migration to Azure: 4-week Implementation

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Migrate existing SQL servers and databases to Azure securely, efficiently and with minimal impact to the day-to-day operations of your organization

Microsoft SQL Server is the driving force behind the data that is at the heart of many successful organizations. Ensuring availability, scalability, and performance in a world where the demand on data is continuously increasing is critical for any modern organization that wants to stay competitive.

Microsoft Azure is the natural home for Microsoft SQL Server but getting these workloads migrated to the platform can be time-consuming and complex. In a world where time is money, every minute spent moving data is time that can be used getting value out of the data.

WWT's Microsoft Azure SQL Migration Accelerator is designed to help clients move their data to Microsoft SQL as quickly and securely as possible allowing them to start realizing the benefits of Microsoft Azure.

This solution is ideal for clients that have already decided to make the move to Microsoft Azure but are looking for a partner that can minimize the risk and ensure a positive outcome.

IDENTIFY THE RIGHT PLATFORM Microsoft Azure supports a variety of options to host your Microsoft SQL Database, but picking the right one can be challenging and have long term consequences. WWT will help clients determine the correct platform to host the databases, be it virtual machines or database-as-a-service (DBaaS).

SEAMLESS MIGRATION Migrating data from the on-premises sources to Microsoft Azure is done in a seamless yet effective manner that minimizes downtime and the impact to the business. Should it be required, our highly skilled application development teams can be brought in to overcome any application blockers that might be encountered.

OPTIMIZED FOR AZURE The target state will be optimized for Azure reducing costs and including cloud native functionality for availability, security, backup, recovery, and reporting — helping to increase the value derived from the Microsoft Azure platform and tapping into the hidden value of your data.

Duration and cost of will be customized on a per client basis.