Enterprise Large Language Models: Customized Buy and Build Solutions

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WWT offers services such as assessment, LLM selection, customization, integration, and strategy development to help customers maximize the potential of Large Language Model investments.

Large Language Models (LLMs) are rapidly growing in popularity for enterprise applications. Microsoft and WWT are partnering to offer LLM services on the Azure platform, which can be used for content generation, customer service, and fraud detection. Azure services such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure OpenAI Service, and Azure Cosmos DB offer a variety of benefits to customers, and WWT can help optimize these services to fit enterprise needs.

LLMs can be used to:

Generate personalized content, such as recommendations, chatbots, and virtual assistants. Improve customer service by providing customers with more accurate and timely information. Detect fraud by identifying patterns of suspicious behavior. Automate tasks that are currently performed by humans, such as data entry and customer service. Improve worker productivity by integrating with enterprise workforce tools such as emails and spreadsheets.

WWT specializes in helping businesses develop and implement Azure solutions for LLMs. They can help customers identify the right LLM for their needs, train it to meet their specific requirements, and integrate it into their cloud-based business processes. They can also help develop and implement strategies for using LLMs to improve employee productivity, automate tasks, and generate new revenue streams.

WWT offers a variety of services to help businesses get the most out of their LLM investments, including:

Assessment: Understanding the customer's needs and requirements to determine the best Azure-based LLM for their use case. Customization: Helping the customer train their LLM to meet their specific requirements. Integration: Facilitating the integration of LLM into customer business processes with Azure. Strategy: Developing and implementing strategies for using LLMs as a part of operations. By working with WWT, businesses can avoid common pitfalls and add value by developing and implementing strategies that are specific to their business needs with Azure.

Here are some examples of how LLMs can be used by medium-sized enterprises:

A retail company could use LLMs to generate personalized product recommendations for customers. A financial services company could use LLMs to improve customer service by providing more accurate and timely information. A healthcare company could use LLMs to detect fraud by identifying patterns of suspicious behavior.

If your enterprise is interested in learning more about how LLMs can benefit your business, please contact WWT Today. They will be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements and help you develop a customized solution that meets your goals.