Horizon Cloud on Azure: 3-week Implementation

World Wide Technology

WWT offers Quickstart engagements for customers anywhere on the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) journey to deploy and run Horizon Cloud on Azure

WWT experts have extensive End User Computing (EUC) and cloud expertise. Our experts host in-depth workshops to share their experience and best practices for streamlining an organization’s decision-making process. Leveraging the capabilities of the WWT Advanced Technology Center (ATC), our experts can demonstrate the pre-built integration labs created to help our customers accelerate their evaluation process.

When ready to deploy VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure, WWT has designed a methodology to help customers rapidly architect and implement an environment aligned with best practices to fit their specific business requirements.

WWT offers Quickstart engagements for customers anywhere on the Desktop-as-a Service (DaaS) journey to deploy and run:

• VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure Quickstart for customers without an existing Azure Subscription

• VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure Quickstart for customers with an existing Azure Subscription

If a Quickstart does not meet your specific needs, the WWT Account Team and WWT Solutions Architects can create customized deployments for complex, sizable or highly secure environments. In addition to the Quickstart or custom engagements for deployment of VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure, the following subscriptions will be required and included in any design. (WWT can help customers choose the right one for them, purchase and setup any required subscription not present in the environment today):

• Active MyVMware account to log in to the Horizon Cloud Control Plane

• Valid Microsoft Azure subscription in a supported Microsoft Azure environment