Virtual Agent Services: 8-Week Implementation

Wysdom AI

Delight your customers with smarter virtual agents. In eight weeks Wysdom can help you implement an intelligent virtual agent that can understand at least 80% of customer messages on launch.

Wysdom, a Gold Microsoft partner, is a conversational AI optimization platform and service that enables higher performing, lower cost virtual agents powered by Microsoft Azure Bot Services; thus delivering high-quality customer experiences. Within 8 weeks, your brand will have a live implementation of a virtual agent that is capable of supporting your customers with their top requests, along with containing at least 25% of conversations.


  1. Wysdom would asses your contact centre data to understand top customer requests and how customers engage with your brand
  2. You would be assigned a team of experts, such as:
    • Conversational AI Leads and Specialists
    • Conversational Designers
    • Cognitive Data Specialists
    • Data Scientists
    • Implementation Engineers and Solution Architects
  3. Your assigned Conversational AI team would handle the A-Z setup and integration of the virtual agent by utilizing Wysdom's industry specific training corpus and your contact centre data
  4. Your virtual agent would be deployed


  • Gain insights into why your customers engage with your brand through top contact centre customer topics
  • Launch an industry trained virtual agent capable of handling customer queries and providing an experience that increases CSAT
  • Continuous virtual agent optimization proposal

With Wysdom, you can outsource the most difficult parts of AI operations. Leverage Wysdom’s breadth and depth of experience, large industry specific training corpus, industry expertise, and KPI guarantees to be quickly up and running on Microsoft's Azure Bot Framework.

Pricing is variable and based on the estimated implementation effort. Connect with us to get a free ROI assessment and learn about the process followed by Wysdom