Modernizing Business Apps: 6-week Implementation

Xavor Corporation

Migrate your legacy systems and applications to the cloud.

Organizational needs are dynamic in nature. To keep up with the evolving nature of business, organizations need up to date application infrastructure to handle operations seamlessly.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

  • Adapt to the volatile market needs with new features.
  • Improve employee productivity by automating processes.
  • Eliminate the technical debt of outdated legacy systems,
  • Create a seamless experience for users by leveraging the cloud.
  • Save up on the time and cost associated with diagnosing problems.
  • Enhance data security with cloud-native applications.

Xavor addresses the challenges of a modern enterprise with its app modernization services.

Unique Benefits

  • Secure lift and shift of your servers, databases and applications using Azure Migrate
  • Benefit from cost transparency and gain complete control over costs by assigning cost alerts and limits
  • Evaluate applications from both a business and architectural perspective to ensure coherence with business goals
  • Deploy applications offering maximum functionality and improved business value
  • Improve and manage availability of your critical systems and applications using Azure Managed Services
  • Take advantage of multilayered security across datacenters, infrastructures, and operations with Azure Security Center
  • Build hybrid identity solutions in Azure Active Directory for increased productivity and ease of management
  • Get the best-in-class Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to ensure application availability and fast recovery, while protecting your data with Azure Site Recovery

Our team of experts will follow a two-phased process to first assess your legacy systems to recommend modernization options and then complete a full implementation.