Deploy Computer Vision: 8-week Implementation

Xavor Corporation

Enhance data intelligence to make smarter decisions with Azure Cognitive Services

Upgrade from traditional programming to augmented analytics, that enhances the adaptability and responsiveness of your IT systems based on data patterns. Automate the process of change with Xavor’s end-to-end solution comprising of components that seamlessly integrate camera systems, computer vision-based AI, edge and cloud computing.

Develop AI based systems that leverage Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services. Xavor’s AI team will help you automate manual processes like image classification, object detection and tracking. Transform your processes by applying the following Computer Vision features to streamline processes, such as image processing, robotic process automation and digital asset management:

  • Substitute manual functions to increase consistency, speed and accuracy of outcomes
  • Extract powerful insights from data to make accurate forecasts and informed recommendations
  • Eliminate guesswork involved in data-driven decisions, both internal and external
  • Offer stakeholders a unique experience with data tailored to their requirements
  • Automate operations to improve performance and uphold higher standards of quality control
  • Become more secure, scalable and industry compliant in your operations

Xavor will deliver a solution tailored to your business needs and industry dynamics. The solution will be hosted on Azure Cloud and use Azure Machine Learning and Computer Vision services to support your business case.