Smart Connectivity for IoT: 6-week Implementation

Xavor Corporation

Improve efficiency through a seamless data channel between your products, devices and users

Whether it is achieving customer satisfaction, optimizing costs or decreasing equipment downtime, effective collection, analysis and response to data can transform operational efficiency. Xavor’s smart connectivity solution mitigates this challenge by ensuring real-time delivery of data across applications and devices through a reliable channel within the IoT infrastructure.

Xavor uses Azure IoT services, including IoT Hub, IoT Central and IoT Edge, to design and develop apps and websites and then integrate them with the company's connected consumer products and IoT devices.

Stay ahead of the competition with Xavor’s customized solution

  • Improve user accessibility to the data through Azure IoT Central
  • Reduce cost and downtime to ensure greater efficiency and higher productivity
  • Streamline the flow of information by improving cloud-device-cloud coordination
  • Simplify interpretation of data through visualizations
  • Access real-time data driven insights through Azure Digital Twin

Our Process

Xavor’s end-to-end IoT solution takes a systematic approach and follows a series of steps to deliver a fully functional dashboard through Azure IoT Central and Azure Digital Twin.