Azure Cloud Migration: 1-Week Assessment

Xekera Systems Inc

There are many cloud computing platforms out there in the market that has many services, but which one suits you, this is where we come in.

Xekera's professional Cloud Migration team is ready to assist your organization with cloud migration requirements. With the Azure cloud, you can boost your services' scalability, availability, backup storage, disaster recovery and redundancy, and much more!

In one week, what will be accomplished?

  1. Determine the project/business objectives, budget constraints, and timeframes.
  2. Identify migration priorities for on-premises applications, assess the client's current on-premises services to determine dependencies across all applications.
  3. Examine how on-premises applications can be maintained and improved by using Azure's networking, storage, scalability, and security features.
  4. Identify and document the knowledge gaps within the organization and schedule cloud training sessions.
  5. Identify the challenges in the legacy system, and the expected architecture; develop a project transition plan aligned to those elements.
  6. Create a detailed plan based on the assessment studies, calculate timelines for the migration criteria in Azure and estimate effort to accomplish them, and map legacy services to targeted Azure services.


  1. An application modernization strategy involving automation, cloud elasticity, and cost optimization.
  2. A backup and disaster recovery plan that takes into account backup automation and data retention policies.
  3. A detailed migration plan including configuration and timelines of Azure resources, a security analysis of the current state and configuration, and detailed instructions for the implementation process.

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