Azure Kubernetes Service PoC, 3 Week Kick-start


Xello’s three week proof-of concept allows business to understand the value behind the deployment of applications onto Azure AKS.

Simplify the deployment & management of your applications with the power of managed Kubernetes on Azure

Xello will showcase the power of Kubernetes on Azure (AKS). As a business, we will assist with the migration of one of your applications into a containerised, cloud-native deployment. During this three-week PoC, Xello will take one of your applications and transform it into a containerised environment. Xello will deploy a development environment with your modernised application and demonstrate the benefits – ship faster, operate with ease, and scale confidently.

Improving agility, elasticity, reliability and scalability within your business and reducing cost and administrative overhead showcase only a fraction of the benefits of Azure Kubernetes Services. The managed Kubernetes offering from Azure gives your business the ability to modernise your application with ease while automating most of the infrastructure needs required to run your applications. Upskill your teams to deliver on your innovation needs without sacrificing any of the gained advantages.

Xello will containerise your chosen application into Docker packaging and prepare it for deployment in Azure Kubernetes Service. Together we will migrate your application to an Azures Kubernetes Service (AKS) dev/test environment for further testing. Xello will work throughout this process to ensure your business and key stakeholders understand what specifically is being deployed and demonstrated.

Following this three-week engagement, your business will have a fully operational PoC version of your application and a much clearer understanding of why Kubernetes is taking enterprise application development to another standard.