Azure Cloud Foundations, 2Wk Implementation


Azure Cloud Foundation is a flexible, modular offer designed to help customers identify and implement key cloud scenarios that align with their business needs and strategies.

Xello’s Azure Cloud Foundations solution helps maintain technical excellence, maturity and security throughout Digital Modernisation.

The Azure Cloud Foundation consists of all components needed to start migrating resources to the cloud. For this Xello uses Microsoft validated reference architectures and blueprints.

To get you started on on this journey, Xello provides a 2-week engagement to define your Azure Cloud Foundation.

During this project we focus on the following topics to define your landing zone:

• Cloud Identity

• Cloud Governance

• Naming Convention & Resource Management

• Networking & Connectivity

• Subscription Management

• Security & Monitoring

This approach is valid for both recently deployed and existing Azure environments. If you want to align your current environment with the best practice offered by Xello’s Azure Cloud Foundation, Xello will create a strategic scope for a controlled implementation of the necessary changes after these sessions.

Xello will also define one of your workloads and move it to your new landing zone.