Azure DevOps and Terraform, 8 Wk Implementation


Xello’s eight week DevOps and Terraform Implementation allows business to accelerate their application modernisation journey.

Xello can call upon its expertise and partnership with Hashicorp to assist you with your Infrastructure-as-Code objectives by leveraging Terraform Infrastructure Automation, integrating your infrastructure directly via Azure DevOps and a CI/CD process.

By making use of HashiCorp’s market-leading Terraform Infrastructure Automation product, and hosting/maintaining via Azure DevOps, organisations can now integrate infrastructure seamlessly into their Continuous Integration & Deployment pipelines.

Xello has many years of experience building automated environments using IaC for customers Australia wide and are in a unique position to offer this engagement to support your efforts towards best practice.

With this engagement customers will get a foundational Infrastructure-as-Code project, built in HashiCorp Terraform deployed into Azure DevOps, with the blueprint to continue to grow & scale on these capabilities.

In this 8-week Azure DevOps and Terraform Kick-start, we will achieve the following;

Phase 1: Engagement Initiation - Introductions and key drivers, Review application candidate, Discuss methodology and project risks & dependencies.

Phase 2: Assessment of Candidate Application - Assessment of candidate application, Identity dependencies of candidate application and Exploration of application architecture.

Phase 3: Proposed Solution Design - Application solution design, CI/CD strategy alignment and Terraform deployment.

Phase 4: Configuration of Terraform & Azure DevOps - Configuration of a CI/CD pipeline, Configuration & Integration of IaC and Functional Testing of Application.

Phase 5: Deployment of proposed Application Solution - Deployment of application using CI/CD pipeline, Demonstrate Terraform / IaC administration & best practices and Review benefits of using Terraform Enterprise offering.

Phase 6: Ready to launch - Next steps