Kubernetes Service - 4 weeks implementation

Xenit AB

Get started with a clear Framework for Azure Kubernetes Service with Xenit

Xenit Kubernetes Service is a standardized approach to container-based development and operations, that enables development teams to truly embrace Azure Kubernetes Service. The framework provides simplicity, security and reliability for every workload in Azure Kubernetes Services and Azure governed multi-cloud setups. By using Xenit’s Kubernetes Service, you can help your development teams to work in a standardized and streamlined manner.

In short, the main purpose of the service is:

• Life cycle management

• Security Updates

• Best Practice

• Clear and well-tested framework

• A forum for innovation and improvements

• Support to accelerate you DevOps project.

Xenit is committed to Open Source and strive to make as much as possible available to the community.

Xenit Kubernetes Service

• An opinionated framework based on Terraform maintained by Xenit (open source)

• Support and expertise in how to successfully embrace AKS

• A collection of tools, guides, documents and workshops for” Developer Enablement”

• An explicit distribution of responsibilities between the client and Xenit

• A baseline and governance for Azure & Azure AD with options of multiple cloud providers

• Enables developers to use GitOps to manage their deployments

With Xenit, you get a certified and dedicated DevOps team, providing 24/7 readiness with standby personnel for continuous service availability. Furthermore, you get a knowledge base with standard procedures specific to your customers and services.

The service includes:

• Support

• Monitoring

• Health checks

• Patch Updates

• Kubernetes Support & Open Source modules

• 1-day Workshop once every quarter

• Framework Updates

• Developer Experience (weekly)

• Innovation Board

• Capacity planning

• Functional responsibility

• Management

• Security updates

• Xenit ServiceDesk