Azure Migration Plan and Funding: 4-Hr Assessment


We assess your on-premises servers and networking then create a proposal for a migration OR proof of concept project which can qualify for up to $15,000 of funding by Microsoft.

You read right! Up to $15,000 of funding, paid by Microsoft under a program available to Xerillion's clients called "Azure Everywhere".

Xerillion is a gold, tier 1 Microsoft cloud partner with a specialization in Microsoft Azure. We have migrated MANY on-premises servers to Microsoft's Azure data centers.

Here is what we look for for each server:

  1. How many cores allocated
  2. What is the rough average CPU utilization during a typical busy time of day
  3. What is the actual memory utilization
  4. What is the storage utilization and do we need SSD or HDD storage
  5. What is the network throughput during a typical busy time of the day
  6. Is this a file server and do you use big sets of large files which multiple people collaborate and edit together

Here is what we look for on your network:

  1. What is your ISP bandwidth up/down and media (fiber, coax)
  2. What is the latency between your LAN and the closest Azure data center region
  3. What is your existing firewall brand

With this information we develop a proposal showing you the one-time and monthly subscription cost to migrate your on-premises servers to Microsoft Azure. Then based on your monthly Azure subscription estimate, we apply for one-time project funding from Microsoft:

  1. $1,000 subscription qualifies for $1,500 funding
  2. $2,000 subscription qualifies for $3,000 funding
  3. $5,000 subscription qualifies for $7,500 funding
  4. $10,000 subscription qualifies for $15,000 funding

Once you approve our proposal, we submit the funding request to Microsoft. Once they approve, Microsoft provides Xerillion with a project execution window to start and complete the project. Once we confirm the project is completed, Microsoft will contact you to confirm Xerillion completed the work, and then Microsoft will send the money to Xerillion, and we then apply it as a credit to your project costs.

We have used this funding program MANY times in the past. Let's discuss how we can help you get migrated to Azure.