AI Center of Excellence-6 months-Workshop

Xoriant Corporation

Xoriant will build and operate the Generative AI CoE, supporting use case development with expertise in Analytics, Program/Project Management, Data Science, and Data Engineering.

Whether you are looking to start with AI, or develop your AI footprint on Azure, Xoriant's AI CoE will support your path at all levels of Azure usage and Azure consumption. Xoriant can augment your organic capabilities or provide a core team to understand the business/technology challenges. Through thorough analysis of the current data estate on-premise, in Azure, or hybrid and resource availability, Xoriant will focus on improving productivity and AI scales to handle more use cases, promote data, and model literacy across the business using Azure data science workflows with standardized tools resulting in innovation initiatives that are better supported and prioritized in Azure. Xoriant will recommend solutions that optimize the use of the Azure stack and AI tools while aligning with the business priorities and parameters determined during the ideation phase. A flex team with additional capabilities is available to handle additional feature enhancements in Azure and new developments based on the needs of the project.

The framework identified above will guide the customer to to following:

  1. Ideation of use case
  2. Study of the current stage
  3. Prioritization of requirements
  4. Rapid prototyping
  5. Azure Infrastructure setup
  6. PoC
  7. Build MVP
  8. Additional use case development
  9. Final product development in Azure