Security as Code - SaC | Pilot & Consulting Offer - 6 Week

Xoriant Corporation

Security As Code (SaC) - Built-in Security and compliance into your apps from the start

Security As Code (SaC)  - Built-in Security and compliance into your apps from the start

The solution helps customers with the best practices for security implementation on Azure cloud. SaC automates the configuration of various security policies. With a combination of re-usable code to implement out-of-box, and custom Azure security policies coupled with the best security practices will make the environment more secure and reliable.

This will help drive quicker Azure Cloud adoption, and ensure the regulatory compliance needs for security are met. Identify non-compliant systems within the environment.  Auto remediation or reporting only for such drifts is available.  The package also has automated CIS-benchmark hardening of Azure VMs and storage groups.

Offer Summary – 6Week Pilot & Consulting Offer

  • Provide and implement SaC packages for Security Policy and CIS Benchmark hardening
  • Customizations with additional charge
  • Perform training for Azure Cloud DevOps/Platform teams to use the solution

Azure components Used:

  • Azure Network (VNET), Azure Storage, Azure VMs, and AKS
  • Integrate with Jenkins, or Bamboo, or Azure DevOps pipeline in-use


  1. Execute SaC for pilot, report the results
  2. Deploy packaged Azure VM and Storage hardening scripts for CIS Benchmark
  3. Provide visualizations and dashboards for management


  • Eliminate security gaps
  • Integration with Continuous integration tool
  • Role based policies, Policy Governance, and compliance
  • Monitor compliance of Azure resources across environments