Xoriant SmartCapture Powered by ChatGPT Solution: Consulting Pilot Offer

Xoriant Corporation

Xoriant SmartCapture powered by ChatGPT is an intuitive Generative AI solution that uses Azure Cognitive Services, Xoriant ML algorithms & engineered prompts to provide rich features to end users

Xoriant Smart Capture powered by ChatGPT provides rich features to end users such as: Knowledge Management, Document Data Extraction & Digitization, Conversational BOT, Tasks Engine, Document Classification, Intent Recognition, Summarization, Translations, log analytics and so on.

The Xoriant Smart Capture powered by ChatGPT solution workflow is:

  • Capture: Integrate with information source from multiple proprietary systems such as: Azure Blob Storage, intranet webpages, shared drives, document repositories, etc.
  • Index: Index the information based on its contextual meaning and store the indexes in database.
  • Interact: Chat with the information available, execute tasks (e.g., transfer money, book ticket, open service request, fire an API)

The enhanced workflow of Xoriant Smart Capture powered by ChatGPT includes:

  • Capture: Seamlessly integrate with diverse information sources, including but not limited to Azure Blob Storage, intranet webpages, shared drives, document repositories, social media platforms, and email accounts.
  • Index: Categorize and index the extracted information based on its contextual meaning. Utilize machine learning models to enhance indexing accuracy and efficiently store the indexes in a database or knowledge repository.
  • Interact & Extract: Employ advanced techniques to extract relevant data from the captured information. Apply natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to identify key entities, relationships, and sentiment analysis.

Supporting workflow:

  • Query: Enable users to interact with the captured and indexed information through a chat-based interface. Respond to user queries, provide relevant insights, and facilitate data-driven decision-making.
  • Continuous Learning: Continuously enhance the solution's capabilities through machine learning and user feedback. Apply reinforcement learning techniques to improve response accuracy, understand user preferences, and adapt to evolving user needs.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: Monitor system performance, user interactions, and data usage patterns. Leverage analytics to gain insights, identify areas for improvement, and optimize the solution for better user experiences.

Offer Summary: $25,000

  • Implementation of knowledge bot on customer Azure tenant
  • Interface will be provided to upload Microsoft Office, PDFs, TXT documents
  • GPT-3.5-Turbo or GPT-4 as per customer use case to provide rich and cost-effective solution
  • Integration with dynamic information source such as Share point, cloud storage, etc to be agreed upon during assessment phase
  • Note: A statement of work and scope will be agreed upon by both parties

Xoriant Smart Capture Features:

  • Scalable Chatbot powered by Azure
  • Build a custom chatbot on your enterprise data quickly
  • Make your plain documentation in any language into a conversational Chatbot powered by ChatGPT
  • Provides the source of truth (citations) to the user in an interactive chat session
  • Provides follow up questions based on users’ intent, so that the user can reach to the conclusion fast
  • Avoids answering out of the bounds questions to keep the conversation relevant to the business

Microsoft Technologies Used:

  • Microsoft Azure based Cognitive AI, Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search, Microsoft Azure Bob Storage, Microsoft Azure Webapp, Microsoft Azure Functions, Microsoft Azure OCR Services, Microsoft Azure ML algorithms, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Azure hosted virtual machines

Why Xoriant Smart Capture powered by ChatGPT (benefits of ChatGPT):
Revolutionizes knowledge base creation and interaction. Leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search, Microsoft Azure Web App, Microsoft Azure Functions, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, it efficiently processes internal documentation to provide natural language query responses.

  • Enables efficiency when dealing with Continuously Changing Unstructured Document Formats
  • Helps consolidate scattered, long, and continuously updated Knowledge Sources
  • Reduces dependency on Manual reading/reviewing of critical documents

Industries Served
Manufacturing, Retail, Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare