Azure Cloud Review: 2 week assessment

xTEN Ltd

Wherever you are on your Azure cloud migration journey, we can help you overcome any stumbling blocks and get more from your Azure cloud estate.

  • Have you moved to the cloud, only to be underwhelmed by the improvements you were expecting?
  • Were you hoping to spend less but are spending as much, if not more, than before?

Many companies encounter stumbling blocks on their cloud migration journey due to its complexity or a lack of in-house resources. No matter where you are, our insight can help you get back on your feet. Our Reviews are customised to meet your needs, but typically we review the following areas of your estate:

• Resource Usage

• Configuration

• Security

• Reliability

• Cost Optimisation

• Performance and Efficiency Optimisation

Our report will provide you with clear recommendations for improvements, automation, licencing and cost savings, and a post-assessment meeting to answer any questions and next steps. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are well placed to help you engage with Microsoft for further guidance or funding.

Why xTEN?

We’ve worked with high-performance, high-transaction estates for over 20 years, both as consultants and in-house. We understand that generic best practices or an upgrade to the latest technology isn't always the answer and that the needs of every customer are different. We provide a watertight, fit for purpose solution, for you to get more from your estate. Learn more