Azure Database Review: 2 day assessment

xTEN Ltd

Uncover ways to improve the performance, stability, and security of your SQL Server estate in Azure. Get more out of what you have and a clear plan for further improvements.

  • Are you falling victim to performance problems without insight or explanation?
  • Does your current SQL Server backup and disaster recovery strategy meet the requirements of your business?
  • Are you confident your estate is configured according to best practice and taking advantage of all that SQL Server and Azure has to offer?

xTEN's Database review will help you uncover hidden issues and recommend areas for improvement. Every Health Check that we have performed has paid for itself in the cost savings made as a result of our findings.

How it works

After an initial conversation with you to understand your challenges, we will spend two days working with your data to assess it, using a combination of our experience and our in-house tools. We will then provide a report summarising our findings.

The Report

We don’t just leave you with a list of issues; we provide an extensive plan that will breakdown the risks in a traffic light system, explaining the issues they are causing and ranking the most urgent ones. Our report goes into every risk on a granular level, looking into its implications, what settings or code needs to be changed, and why. Below are the core areas that will be included in a final report:
  • Configuration Settings
  • Security
  • Performance Inhibitors
  • Backups / Disaster Recovery
  • Management & Monitoring

The report will highlight the action that needs to be undertaken to solve the outstanding problems and the benefits you can expect to see once these changes have been implemented.

Why xTEN?

We’ve worked with high-performance, high-transaction estates for over 20 years, both as consultants and in-house. We understand that generic best practices or an upgrade to the latest technology isn't always the answer and that the needs of every customer are different. We provide a watertight, fit for purpose solution, not just the latest tech trend. Learn more