Azure Container Platform: 3 week Assessment

YASH Technologies

3 week assessment to review existing plans, architectures, designs to identity potential gaps while moving the production containers platform services to Azure

Assessment to analyse  existing plans, architectures, designs to identify potential gaps that would compromise platform stability, scalability, security, operational efficiencies while moving the production container platform services in Microsoft Azure

Yash team will perform the following activities as part of this assessment:

  • Perform requirements discovery session
  • Assessment of your Cloud and container platforms covering existing cluster, Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), common services, functional, security, and other requirements
  • Infrastructure review, planning, and optimization
  • Identify potential gaps and recommended architecture if any
  • Demonstrable POC (Proof of Concept)
  • Place a roadmap of priority features, automation, and future enhancements.

Benefits of this assessment:

  • Visibility into platform readiness to production, as well as the revision of business processes, technologies in use, and employees’ skill sets
  • Well-developed POC (Proof of Concept) as a reference point for further implementations
  • Experience first-hand benefits that containerization provides in terms of environment provisioning, automated testing, deployment etc.

Deliverables from this assessment:

  • Container viewpoint (C4) along with Application architecture.
  • Azure Cost Estimate for Production deployment.
  • Cloud Roadmap based on POC which includes TCO, cost savings, ease of management, improvement in performance and ease in modernizing your application.