Azure Cost Optimization : 2 week assessment

YASH Technologies

Workshop on analyzing your organization's Azure spend and provide Azure cost optimization recommendations

Azure pricing is complicated, influenced by both deployment methodology and software architecture .YASH’s broader architectural level guidance principles designed to help manage and optimize Azure spend. With Azure cost optimization, can manage cloud spend while focusing on what matters the most.

Yash will perform the following activities as part of this assessment

  • Review cloud landscape to check for minor and major issues, or conduct a thorough 360 View audit and detailed recommendations
  • Assess
    • Architecture
    • Deployment,
    • Services scenarios
    • Security gaps.
  • Identify top cost contributors, Cost Control and Governance
  • Analyze & Verify workloads by
    • Type
    • Future State
    • Rough order of magnitude estimate for supplementary Azure costs
    • Draft findings validation Workshop
  • Presentation of findings covering:
    • Readiness levels
    • Azure subscription costs
    • Optimization opportunities
    • Additional considerations & dependencies
    • Recommended next steps relating to an effective Azure Migration

Benefits of the assessment

  • Helps in reducing costs and increasing ROI, optimization of cloud architecture and improving availability.
  • Gain a cost-optimized environment with a predictable spend plan and trustworthy monitoring

Following are some of the deliverables 

  • Provide solutions through complete documents with step-by-step implementation guidance along with optimization methods and tools covering:
  • Server inventory, utilization & readiness levels
  • Identification of target Azure candidates
  • Azure cost projections
  • Guidance on dependencies & other pre requisites