DevOps Processes Adoption : 1-Wk Assessment

YASH Technologies

This assessment consist of combination of industry best practices for DevOps & process to understand current state of DevOps implementation, business objectives and recommend future state.

YASH’s detailed DevOps process adoption assessment is based on a robust framework which helps performing detailed analysis of existing automation, collaboration with development practices, testing, security, complete release cycle, monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure and applications on Azure. This assessment not only focuses on technical processes but also highlights culture, collaboration and communication aspects of DevOps which should be part of adoption journey.

This DevOps Assessment will take 1 week and is comprised of 4 phases which has different activities to be performed during this tenure –

  • Planning
  • Discovery & Assessment for DevOps process adoption
  • Architecture recommendations
  • Automation strategy

Following are the deliverables as part of this assessment –

A presentation containing

  • Current DevOps state overview
  • Strategic advice on DevOps process adoption for on-prem / cloud (Azure)
  • Plan on DevOps process implementation
  • Architecture recommendations
  • Recommendations on tools/technologies