SAP on Azure: 2-Week Assessment

YASH Technologies

Yash offers conversion of SAP ERP systems from non-Unicode to Unicode, as well as migration of Oracle Database to SAP for S/4HANA conversion—including migration of SAP systems from on-prem to Azure.

YASH Technologies has the expertise to easily migrate your organization's SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure. Our SAP on Azure services deliver management, deployment, architecture, and continuous optimization of SAP workloads on the Azure cloud infrastructure.

The 2-week assessment** could be remote assessment and this 2-week assessment is of free of cost

We unite processes, best practices, governance, automation, administration services, and continuous support services to help you optimize your investments, secure your applications, and provide managed services for your SAP on Azure transformation. Migrating your organization's SAP systems to Azure also enables real-time insights and increases elasticity and agility.

Our services include all SAP Basis activities required to maintain any DB and HANA databases and keep your SAP applications up and running.

YASH Technologies team can provide a "big bang" approach to performing an SAP ERP system conversion, upgrade, and migration—as well as a lift-and[1]shift to Azure—in a single downtime window of 30 hours, not including validation.

We can migrate SAP workloads to Azure and move old SAP workloads to the latest SAP S/4HANA version in two stages: 1. Unicode plus SAP Suite on HANA (SoH) upgrade. 2. SoH to SAP S/4HANA conversion.

We help organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey by leveraging SAP on Azure, guided by the YASH ASCENT™ framework. he design supports memory[1]intensive applications, such as mission-critical SAP workloads. Customers can use their existing licenses to seamlessly create virtual machines in Azure. Azure provides three-layered perimeter controls, leveraging 77 availability zones in 24 regions and 220-plus points of presence (PoPs).

SAP solutions on Azure empower enterprises to optimize their systems in the cloud by leveraging Azure security, reliability, and scalability. Migrating SAP systems to Azure also enables real-time insights and increases elasticity and agility.

YASH Technologies plans and seamlessly executes SAP journeys to Azure. We build cloud infrastructure that's future-ready.

Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) Cut your monthly cloud network operational overhead via 60-percent lower storage costs, optimized operating expenses (OPEX), and rationalized TCO savings of up to *50 percent.

Accelerate timelines Significantly accelerate your transition timeline through a performance boost of up to *30 percent that can cover up to *2.5 weeks in delays and save on the cost of overruns.

Enhance reliability and resiliency Improve application performance by aligning your Azure-hosted SAP landscape with Azure-native Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure

* It can vary based on customer scenario and Customer to Customer

** Please contact us for further details & timelines and price for the complete migration to Azure