ISV Marketplace Concierge Valet 2 to 6 week Imp.

Zen3 Infosolutions

Streamline the process getting your listing published in record time (often within 2 weeks). No Azure knowledge necessary; lean on our experts to help get you started.

ISV Marketplace Concierge Valet acts as an extension to your ISV technical team by analyzing unique solutions to ensure visibility in the Marketplace to your potential customers.

Our specialists will build the required Marketplace integration pieces ensuring technical requirements are met including the following deliverables:

  1. Landing page - where your customer can communicate with you and show interest in your solution; after the subscription is active the landing page becomes a configuration page.

  2. Webhook - proactively notifies you of the customer's actions i.e. customer deleted the solution, so you can stop the subscription.

  3. Dashboards - helps you track and manage customer subscriptions.

We assist companies in building VM, Azure Applications, SaaS offers and provide support on assets built.

Let the Valet streamline your process getting your listing published in record time (time to market is dependent on the complexity of the solution - 2 to 6 weeks).