Free 8 hours Cloud One Day Workshop


It's a free 8-hour workshop for organizations interested in migrating to Microsoft Azure and needs help migrating appropriate workloads and developing strategies to manage them in the future.

This workshop is intended for organizations interested in the potential of Azure but wanting to understand the approach needed to present a formal case to senior management.

We conduct on-site workshops with key members of the IT team to understand the infrastructure and application assets and briefly describe the available approaches and their impact on design, planning, migration, operations, cost and management.

This workshop introduces Azure so that customers can explore the world of cloud computing and learn about the unique characteristics of Azure and presents future roadmaps to executives through an understanding of the architecture and high-level discovery of the cloud environment. We can offer Zenith's own premium offerings that cover the evaluation criteria, migration options, interoperability of on-premises and Azure infrastructures, the most useful Azure tools, migration and ongoing usage costs, and operational benefits.

Workshop agenda

  • Introduction to Azure and available services/tools
  • Check customer readiness for cloud adoption
  • Discussion of suitable workloads and migration methods
  • Premium offerings proposed after the workshop

    Deliverable Items

    When migrating to the cloud, we thoroughly eliminate risks through thorough preliminary checks on risk factors such as cost and interoperability and provide Zenith's own professional guide to promote understanding of the cloud and settle the environment early. It explains in detail how Azure works and discusses key components such as connectivity and security. The workshop results report can be presented as an official document to the customer.

You can also work with customers to develop a more in-depth strategy while planning a move to Azure with more accurate cost and detailed planning based on the offer.