Azure App Modernization-12 Week Implementation

Zensa LLC

Zensa's Application Modernization Service will enable customers accelerate their Application Modernization process by leveraging the power of advanced Azure platform services.

With outdated application frameworks and legacy deployment methods, IT teams struggle to keep up with changing business needs. For organizations looking for a technology partner to help them migrate/modernize their existing legacy on premises applications to Azure, Zensa provides a comprehensive end to end service with a best practice approach to modernization, security, governance and cost control. Our service offering delivers the foundational framework for repeatable best practice in modernization, utilizing solutions accelerators and blueprints, with Azure DevOps process at the core. This offering is suitable for organizations who have completed Zensa's Application Modernization assessment workshop.


 Assess Apps: Review assessment reports with stakeholders and prioritize application portfolio for modernization.  Evaluate State: Complete a thorough understanding of the current architectures, infrastructure, user behavior and related dependencies to optimize applications in Azure.  Modernization Cadence: Build the most optimal Modernization (and migration) roadmap for each application category, with target selection, testing and cutover plans.


 Categorized portfolio of applications and modernization prioritization  Migration cadence, options and deploying modernization frameworks in Azure  Azure DevSecOps/Pipeline design and implementation, along with landing zone.  Pilot app modernization and scale out to production modernization cadence  Test, validate modern apps (in Azure) and produce final modernization report.

Zensa's Process

Modernization Plan: Stakeholder alignment based on application assessment report analysis, build modernization v team

Pilot Modernization: Conduct a comprehensive pilot app modernization with integrations, dependencies and pipelines tested fully.

Production Cadence : Leverage automation, accelerators and related services to scale application modernizations

Test and Validate: Ensure modernized applications are comprehensively tested and validate with user acceptance testing.

Optimize and Operate: Continually optimize applications and govern operations