Azure App Modernization-4-Week Assessment

Zensa LLC

A comprehensive modernization plan of customer's application portfolio, ensuring they leverage modern features and capabilities in Azure.

Zensa's offering will help customers with application inventory, determine the effort involved in modernizing existing applications and understand the value of modernizing them in Azure. Our approach targets various adoption methodologies focused on migrating applications with minimal (code) changes or through a full architecture redesign, if needed. Modernized and migrated workloads in Azure benefit from elasticity and scale, while also unlocking additional capabilities like event driven, functions based, microservices architectures, allowing legacy applications to perform like cloud native apps.

Features ▪ Accelerate innovation: Modernize applications to accelerate transformation & increase agility. ▪ Modernize at scale: Understand complete set of modernization capabilities of Azure, incorporate services and features to design self-healing resilient systems. ▪ Reduce costs: Utilize pay for use services, modern frameworks and infrastructure options that's best suited for your needs.

Deliverables ▪ Categorized inventory of applications based on different modernization strategies ▪ Prioritization of applications and target Azure services and solutions for modernization ▪ Summary of modernization tools, processes and methodologies with custom technology solutions based on customer apps portfolio ▪ Comprehensive assessment report with modernization plan, roadmap, cadence with cost of modernization, ROI, ▪ Complete end to end Proof of Concept (PoC) of application modernization

Zensa's Process

Goal definition: Understand customer's business goals and objectives and KPIs to help determine and devise the optimal modernization approach for application portfolio.

Discovery workshop: Leveraging tools, automation and other (manual) processes, Zensa will collaboratively work with stakeholders to identify the application landscape, categorize and prioritize portfolio for comprehensive analysis.

Modernization Analysis: Comprehensive an analysis of apps portfolio and define a custom modernization roadmap. Zensa will identify and scope each app to plug into a broader modernization plan.

Assessment Review: Zensa will review in depth, the outcome of the analysis for each application category/artifact to the recommend the best modernization path and an action plan.