FinOps, SecOps and CloudOps: 3-Weeks Implementation

Zensa LLC

Zensa offers a 3-week assessment and implementation engagement designed to help customers optimize cost, harden services and efficiently operate their cloud solutions.

This 3-week assessment and implementation engagement is designed to help customers optimize cost, harden services and efficiently operate their cloud solutions. Zensa's cloud defense and optimization framework is an automation driven maturity assessment approach that evaluates customer's current cost, security and operations aspects of workloads and provide prescriptive implementation using solution accelerator approach.

Features ▪ 3-week and/or ongoing engagement to optimize workloads in Azure ▪ Evaluate current cloud costs against industry-leading practices and validate spend and apply FinOps techniques and processes to save cost. ▪ Assess current Azure environment security & compliance posture, settings and controls to reveal gaps or issues. ▪ Review operational excellence (backup, BCDR, perf. Etc.) of all cloud solutions to ensure their optimal functioning.

Deliverables ▪ Customized cloud spend optimizations and improved FinOps scores ▪ Scan security, vulnerabilities and compliance issues. Verify that security controls and compliance standards are implemented in line with industry best practices ▪ Plan against the possibility of an outage from Azure via backup/BCDR, minimize threats and risks. ▪ Implement full scale IaC with GitOps and Automation. ▪ Centralized dashboards (and reporting) for cloud cost, security and operations

Zensa's Process

Assess: Collaboratively, review cost, security and operational postures with stakeholders through deep assessments and understand current customer postures.

Collaborate: Zensa will collaboratively drive strategy and planning sessions to determine, define and plan customer's desired end state (postures) for cloud solutions.

Onboard: Fully onboard customer tenancies into our management framework (Lighthouse) to monitor and improve postures.

Validate, Operate and Report Validate cloud costs, potential cost savings, security controls, policy enhancements, compliance standards and operational excellence with detailed reporting.