Cloud Security: 1-Wk Assessment


This one week security assessment will provide companies with detailed documentation on vulnerabilities and remediation plan for cloud & hybrid infrastructures.

Information is often the most important asset within a business, and ensuring data security is a high priority for business stakeholders. Security assessments are key to maintaining data security, and they play an important role in helping an organization understand the effectiveness of the controls deployed.

Our Cloud Security Assessment will evaluate your cloud infrastructure against proven security frameworks, best practices, and controls in the field to make sure that appropriate security measures were implemented to reduce and mitigate security risks and challenges. Also, it will outline approaches to prevent future attacks. If you already have an Azure infrastructure, or if you are planning to migrate your application to Azure, we can support you in identifying the security best practices and controls that ensure your resilience to threats. One of the most important things to consider about Microsoft Azure, and cloud security in general, is that it is a shared responsibility. Azure provides its customers with a wide range of capabilities for data protection allowing full control over access and management of user identities. Either if you use a VM, a storage account, or any other Azure service, our mission is to guide you to leverage these controls to reduce threats exposure. Furthermore, we can enhance your security architecture by using Azure security services such as Azure Key Vault for secure secrets management, Managed Identities for passwordless access to your resources, and Defender for Cloud to strengthen the security posture of your cloud resources.

The Azure Security Assessment consists of the following stages:

  • Scoping and Planning We will help you identify and set the objectives of the cloud security assessment, the components, and applications that are part of the assessment's scope, and a timeline. Also, the security experts will be granted access to the infrastructure and the security policies.
  • Data collection and Evidence Gathering It includes performing discovery scans to get an accurate picture of the assets on the network and assessment scans to understand the vulnerabilities of the assets. Also, during this phase of the assessment, we will conduct interviews with the relevant stakeholders.
  • Analysis and Review We are performing a gap analysis between the current and the desired state of the technological and procedural readiness for handling cyber-attacks.

We will define a roadmap based on the identified goals allowing you to get the most out of your Azure infrastructure.

  • Reporting The findings and recommendations resulting from the assessment will be documented in a report containing an executive summary, technical details, as well as a prioritized action plan. In the report you will find: -- Executive summary - Serves as a high-level overview of each found vulnerability or recommendation, and presents the risk and impact on your organization, as well as a proposed security strategy. -- Technical details - This section describes each finding, and provides details of the potential impact, affected systems, and remediation options.

Value Proposition

  • Improve your cloud security posture management
  • Develop consistent and efficient cloud security procedures and measures
  • Achieve and maintain compliance cost-effectively
  • Keep your changing cloud footprint secure
  • Take full advantage of the integrated security measures available in Azure

The duration and cost of the Cloud Security Assessment may vary depending on the complexity of the infrastructure and the agreed scope.