Zones IoT Smart Infrastructure Implementation

Zones, LLC

Zones Iot Smart Infrastructure Implementation Brings Together People, Regulations, Analytics, And Technology To Digitally Transform Your Projects Using Azure Iot Services.

By digitally enhancing physical assets such as buildings, Smart Infrastructure adds value by enabling stakeholders to more intelligently and effectively use assets, adding capacity without needing new-build solutions.


  1. Identify your project objectives and what your organization wants to achieve through Zones IoT Smart Infrastructure service.
  2. Define the scope of the proof-of-concept (PoC), specifying the use cases, the required hardware and software components, and the expected outcomes.
  3. Hardware and software selection, using PoC results to carefully assess each components’ connectivity and interoperability.
  4. Team of Zones’ IoT experts and IT operations to oversee solution implementation
  5. Implementation prototyping through PoC data
  6. Use different robust, scalable, and secure IoT technologies after sensors start collecting and storing data: • Azure IoT Hub • Azure Event Hubs • Azure Stream Analytics • Power BI
  7. Apply necessary security measurements to minimize risk of security breaches
  8. Deploy your PoC in your environment and provide ongoing support to ensure its success.