App Modernization: 2-week Assessment & Roadmap

Zuehlke Engineering

Tired of legacy? Regain the power for fast innovation and business agility​ with Azure with a workshop by Zühlke

You want to have a future proof application but do not know where to start and how to do it best? Zühlke helps with our 2-week Assessment. We assess the current legacy application, we clarify the business case, define an architecture and roadmap how to modernize the application with Azure.

We analyze your application and show you how to best modernize it and how to plan the journey to your future proof application.

  1. Stakeholder interviews (application owner, business stakeholder, user):
  • Experiences, expectations and demands on the application
  • Future expectations for the application
  1. Brief analysis of the application
  • Use case & application area
  • Architecture
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  1. High level Business plan for your application modernization

You will get:

  • Lean but well-founded analysis by our experienced modernization experts
  • Decision-making basis for the next steps
  • Roadmap how to modernize best