Data-driven Company - 1 hour Briefing

Zuehlke Engineering

The path of using data strategically with Azure. Data-driven companies constantly and systematically generate value by utilising data and articificial intelligenc. No hype.

We define Data-driven Companies as firms that use data and AI technologies strategically across all areas and functions to achieve a competitive advantage. The topic goes far beyond technology - organizational structures, capabilities, leadership and company culture are aspects that need to be considered for a successful transformation.

Zühlke has conducted a study on this topic, the results of which are now available in a report. In our study, we interviewed more than 70 Swiss C-level managers. In particular, we wanted to know • how the decision-makers assess the potential of the topic • which data-application priorities the decision-makers are seeing today and in the near future, and • which obstacles they see themselves confronted with on the way to becoming a data-driven company.

We would be happy to explain the results, and which approaches to realizing a data-driven company with Azure have proven themselves in practice in a 1-hour meeting - and are available to answer your questions. Are you interested?