Data Sprint: 5-Days Prototyping Workshop

Zuehlke Engineering

Data Sprint: 5-Days Prototyping Workshop

The Zühlke Data Sprint supports fast validation of a use case, with the perspectives of users, business and data, compressed in one week!

What is it?

Sprint Format:

  • On-site sprint to develop and test new data-based business models

Open Solution Space:

  • Bringing together the knowledge of customer stakeholders and Zühlke experts within defined problem and framework conditions

Azure Know-How:

  • Our experts will tailor the right Azure solution for you. For a Computer Vision solution, we typically recommend using Cosmos DB and Blob Storage, Data Bricks or Azure Functions for processing, and Azure DevOps for provisioning.

What are the Goals?

Validate and test ideas:

  • Proof of the viability of a novel business model based on data
  • Create the basis for budget planning and procurement for innovative applications
  • Setup an experience prototype, based on azure & cognitive services
  • Extend the experience prototype within the following Proof of Concepts

Detailed Breakdown

The work will be split among your business stakeholder with one of our business consultants, your key user with one of our UX experts, and your domain specialist with one of our Data Scientists. Tuesday to Thursday, the work is separated in three streams, but there will be common touch downs every morning and every evening.

  • Monday: Vision and Scope Workshop with all stakeholders
  • Tuesday:
    • Business: understanding the general business strategy, mapping the Use Case, understanding the ecosystem
    • Users: learn user behaviour, stakeholder interviews, first solution sketches
    • Data: understand data sets, data cleaning
  • Wednesday:
    • Business: competition analysis, market analysis
    • Users: select solution approach, user flow and storyboarding
    • Data: extract features, develop model
  • Thursday:
    • Business: business case detailing
    • Users & Data: experience prototype development
  • Friday: Closing presentation, acceptance test with users, sponsor pitch, feedback and next steps