Mobile Azure DevOps: 2-Week implementation

Zure Oy

Successful mobile app development requires continuous testing against real devices and continuous delivery to your internal and external beta testers.


In this two week project our consultant helps you to roll-out automated mobile release pipelines with Azure DevOps and Visual Studio App Center.

After the project your team has also knowledge how to automate your mobile app UI testing against hundreds of real mobile devices and how Google Play (Android) and Apple iTunes (iOS) app stores work.


  • Mobile DevOps assessment.
  • Discovery workshop for current and desired mobile DevOps practices and mobile apps.
  • Training workshop for mobile DevOps fundamentals, Azure Pipelines and Visual Studio App Center.
  • Configuration of continuous delivery for mobile app releases using Azure Pipelines.
  • Configuration of Visual Studio App Center for mobile app distribution and automated testing.
  • Guidance on Google Play and Apple Developer accounts activations.


  • Your IT knows how mobile apps should be released in your enterprise environment.
  • You have working example of mobile app DevOps architecture that your development teams can use as a reference.