OpenAI Workshop

Zure Oy

After the OpenAI Workshop your organization has gained more knowledge and concrete use cases for OpenAI models.

The OpenAI Workshop by Zure is a 4-hour interactive session designed to introduce participants to the potential of ChatGPT, GPT-4, and LLMs. The workshop, led by Zure professionals, demonstrates practical use cases and showcases OpenAI and Azure data capabilities using the organization's data. Attendees can be business leaders or data experts, such as AI & ML professionals, data engineers, and reporting experts.

The agenda includes an introduction to OpenAI, best practices for using it with organizational data, hands-on tasks related to OpenAI and Azure data capabilities, and identifying suitable tasks for LLMs. The workshop can be held at the customer's premises, Zure's office, or online, with the preference for a live workshop for the best experience.

After completing the workshop, participants will have gained knowledge about OpenAI models, seen concrete use cases, and learned which tasks are best suited for LLMs and how to deploy them securely.