App Modernization Design: 4-Weeks Assessment

Zure Oy

With Zure’s ”App Modernization Assessment” project, you’ll have the necessary information to make the call, including the architecture design and budgetary estimates.

Assessment project in short

1st Week - Assessment Workshop

We start the project with knowledge transfer workshop. Our Azure experts sit down with you and drill down into the specifics of your app.

  • Goal for this meeting is to transfer knowledge from your experts related to the app to our Azure architects.
  • Necessary roles from your organization: product owner and architect needs to be present in both assessment workshop and summary meeting and be available for further communication and additional questions our experts might have.

2nd Week – Zure Prepares Design Documentation

Our Azure experts go through provided materials, asks any questions that may raise, and create documentation that coveres our suggested approach for modernization including targeted cloud architecture and estimates for the implementation.

3rd week - Summary meeting

In this meeting our Azure experts will present full versions of Architecture and Roadmap documents and gather your review comments.

  • We review together the full version of architecture document, and the roadmap document with cost and calendar estimates.
After Summary meeting we update documents based on your review comments.

4th Week - Finalizing documents

Our experts finalize documents based on your review.


  • Architecture document - Contains optimal approach for your app modernization that identifies what components from Azure PaaS and Serverless services should be used.
  • Roadmap document - Contains suggested project plan and estimates to implement your app modernization changes addressed in the architecture documentation.