Azure Adoption Assessment: 2-Wk Assessment

Zure BV

Based upon official best practices and lessons learned from building Azure solutions since 2011, Zure will assess your Azure environment and deployments on three different areas.

Do you have existing infrastructure, applications, and services running in Azure and are unsure if these services are configured according to best practices? Are your governance, application landscape, and cloud infrastructure future-proof and are the correct architectural patterns being applied?


During this assessment, two Zure Architects will assess and inspect your existing Azure environment and deployments in three different areas: Azure Environment, Application & Architecture, and Operations & Governance
During a kick-off meeting, we build up a mutual understanding of the business requirements and the Azure ecosystem to fully understand your requirements.
The assessment will validate your current Azure environment and identify potential risks and best practices for
  • Your actual cloud services setup and configuration
  • Security and cost management
  • Flexibility of your architecture and applications
  • Approach for monitoring and operations

Based on the existing ecosystem and landscape additional workshops will be organized to cover each area of the assessment

  • Azure Environment
  • Application Portfolio
  • Operations and governance

The deliverable is an assessment document containing the findings of the assessment with actionable recommendations on how to mitigate certain findings.