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Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance virtual (ASAv)

Cisco Systems, Inc.
ASAv is the virutalized version of Cisco's best-selling Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA).

The physical Cisco ASA and Cisco ASAv support the same rich policy constructs. Virtual and physical domains are coalesced into a single policy domain so the same policies can be applied to all Cisco ASAs, whether they are physical or virtual.

Cisco ASAv offers the same features as a physical Cisco ASA, including VPN services that can be deployed in the virtual domain. Site-to-site, remote-access, and clientless VPN services can be deployed quickly in a private cloud or over a virtual infrastructure in response to demand.

Cisco ASAv offers the REST API, an HTTP-based interface that facilitates management of the appliance, including changing the security policy and monitoring the status. Using REST APIs, multiple cloud management solutions can be used to manage both physical and virtual instances of Cisco ASA.

  • FREE TRIAL- ASAv has a demo mode that runs with reduced performance. No license required.
  • Supported Azure Instances: Standard_D3 and Standard_D3_V2
  • ASAv is integrated with Azure Security Center
  • ASAv is available in the Azure Government Cloud.