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GitHub Enterprise

GitHub Enterprise is the on-premises version of, built for collaboration and deployed to your own Azure environment.

GitHub Enterprise is a version of GitHub, which can be deployed on your own servers, in a private cloud, a VM, or in this case on your Azure instance. Developers at businesses of any size can use GitHub to securely work together across teams or around the world. GitHub Enterprise builds on GitHub with features designed specifically for businesses that help your team stay compliant, fine tune permissions, integrate tools they love, and build better software with industry-standard technologies.

Bring your own license (BYOL)

Publisher implements their own mechanisms for securing the licensing of their product. Customers must contact the publisher directly to purchase a license to use the software.

Legal Terms

By clicking the Create button, I acknowledge that I am getting this software from GitHub and that the legal terms of GitHub apply to it. Microsoft does not provide rights for third-party software. Also see the privacy statement from GitHub.