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Mobile Apps Quickstart

A ready-to-use Mobile App todo sample. Mobile Apps are scalable, secure, and can power apps on any platform – iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. With Mobile Apps, it’s easy to store app data, authenticate users, and send push notifications

Accelerate your mobile app development with this ready-to-use Mobile App todo sample. Azure Mobile Apps uses Azure App Service to provide a turnkey way to store structured data, authenticate users, and send push notifications. With native and cross-platform SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows, and JavaScript, as well as a powerful and flexible REST API, Azure Mobile Apps empowers you to build connected applications for any platform and deliver a consistent experience across devices.

  • Pre-configured for a basic SQLite database
  • Connect to on-premise or Azure-hosted SQL databases
  • Authenticate users via Azure Active Directory, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter
  • Push notifications via Apple, Google and Microsoft services
  • Gain insights with mobile analytics
  • Auto-scale to millions of devices