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Palo Alto Networks VM-Series

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.
VM-Series Next Generation Firewall
The VM-Series complements native Azure security features by uniquely classifying traffic based on the application identity and exerting policy-based control to reduce your threat footprint. Using Threat Prevention, URL Filtering, WildFire and GlobalProtect subscriptions, the VM-Series provides full spectrum threat prevention, content scanning and mobile user security. The VM-Series can be deployed in Azure and Azure Government to support the following use cases:

The VM-Series can be deployed to support the following use cases:

  • Hybrid cloud to securely extend your existing data center into Azure
  • Segmentation of applications and data – both inter-subnet and VNET-to-VNET
  • Gateway protection for inbound and outbound applications
  • GlobalProtect to extend security policies to remote users and devices

    When deployed from Marketplace, a VM-Series virtual machine is created with multiple network interfaces. You then select an existing (empty) or new resource group, storage account and VNET with three subnets (MGMT, Untrust and Trust). Once the VM-Series deployed, it will need to be licensed, configured and user-defined rules (UDR) created to steer traffic from the Trust and Untrust subnets through the firewall. Documentation and sample ARM templates: