Pivotal Platform on Microsoft Azure

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Pivotal Platform - Accelerate your path to Azure with the leading cloud native platform

Pivotal Platform on Microsoft Azure

Pivotal Software Inc.

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Pivotal Platform - Accelerate your path to Azure with the leading cloud native platform

Improve developer productivity and operational efficiency with Pivotal Platform on Microsoft Azure

Pivotal Platform®, running on Microsoft® Azure™, helps you speed up your digital transformation efforts. How? Together, Pivotal and Microsoft help you focus on building great applications, not infrastructure. Pivotal Platform simplifies operations and improves developer productivity by providing a consistent, integrated experience and automating overhead and toil. And Pivotal Labs® will work with you to quickly modernize your existing apps to cloud-native patterns and work side-by-side with your developers to teach them how to build modern, cloud-native apps differently - and more sustainably- than you have before.

Business Benefits

  • Ship and run all types of modern apps, in any language, anywhere you want with a consistent developer and operator user experience.
  • Push code or Docker images to a secure-by-default platform designed to simplify operations at enterprise-scale.
  • Plug into integrated-ecosystem of leading database, messaging, logging, and application performance software through the Pivotal Marketplace and Azure native services through the Azure Service Broker.
  • Follow the digital transformation lead of Pivotal customers like Comcast, Allstate, Ford, and more.

FREE 90 day evaluation license.

A single instance of PCF will utilize approximately 30 ARM cores and 96GB RAM.

NEW! - Azure Sponsored Accounts (FREE AZURE) for qualified customers

Pivotal and Microsoft are happy to partner to offer select qualified customers Azure Sponsored Accounts for POCs of PCF on Azure. Email: to apply

Key Features

  • First-class support for Spring Cloud,Spring Boot, and .NET Core (using Steeltoe) applications.
  • Deploy code and have the platform containerize your application, or push Docker images.
  • Built-in log aggregation and application monitoring.
  • Native multi-tenancy model that offers unique workspaces with usage quotas and role-based permissions.
  • Connectivity to curated 3rd party software catalog through service broker API
  • Immutable infrastructure model with embedded operating system and continuous patching model