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Database Performance Analyzer

DPA identifies performance problems in SQL DB, SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle databases

>Monitor all your databases (SQL DB, SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle) with DPA and identify the performance bottlenecks that are slowing down your applications.

Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) makes it easy to solve complex database issues and optimize application response times in development, test and production. With an intuitive interface with vivid graphics, DBAs, developers, and IT operations teams get a deep view into how every aspect of the system affects performance: SQL statements, server resources, execution plans, blocking, deadlocks, storage I/O, etc. Spend less time looking for the problem and instead, focus on fixing the performance issues and slow queries that are impacting end-user experience - see how in our Evaluators Guide

DPA is agentless and uses read-only access to your database, so everyone can use it to understand how their work is affecting performance from application requests down to storage I/O. Watch how DPA diagnoses problen in our Guided Tour video

Trusted by thousands of database professionals worldwide, DPA makes other tools feel like relics. DPA runs on its own instance and stores monitoring data in a SQL Server repository set up automatically by the VM, and includes a 14 day evaluation key.