Migration Service: 4-Wk Implementation


Move workloads to Azure with speed and accuracy and ensure cost-performance optimisation at the moment applications migrate.

This engagement is suitable for the customers willing to migrate resources to cloud. Our team provides assessment, migration scenarios, testing and migration of your assets to Azure.

The scope of the service covers pre-migration tasks, migration of the resources to Azure and testing.

Before Migration:

  • Compute, network, storage, databases assessment
  • Automated dependency mapping (applications, databases)
  • Selection of migration scenarios and tools, risk assessment
  • Azure cost calculation, TCO planning, machine sizing
  • Testing plans providing (compatibility, network connectivity, performance and load)
  • Migrate applications based on identified workloads
  • Migrate databases from the existing system to Azure
  • Fine-tune application configurations for any teething issues
  • Verify migrated data and perform testing on the migrated application
  • Switch public DNS entries from the existing system to Azure
Technical staff training:
  • 2 hours consulting on Azure basics and administration
Price fee for the service – $1000*. Credit notes are available on demand.
*Varies on the number of VMs migrated, the price is indicated for up to 30 instances and 3 TB of data. In case of migration more estates the discount negotiable.
CLOUD SERVICES is a professional team of technical and business experts specialising in consulting, developing and implementing innovative services in the field of cloud technologies and includes services for migration and maintenance of IT infrastructure and applications for companies in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.