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Rapid Commerce: A Microservices Commerce Platform


Quickly shift your retail business into high gear with a cloud-based, microservices accelerator and 7-week pilot by Publicis.Sapient.

The Rapid Commerce solution is an out-of-the-box toolkit to quickly get large retailers up on to a modern commerce platform. The toolkit is based on the very latest microservices, headless architecture and enables DevOps techniques to get the platform deployed faster and with higher quality.

Retailers get a better customer experience: the microservices, headless architecture enables quick upgrades to the latest consumer channels such as chat, voice or conversational commerce.

Mobile and cloud-first: the mobile-first approach provides great customer experience and better business results. Cost-effective scalability: the native Azure cloud platform enables deployment at scale, and flexibility to handle massive traffic demands.


  • Align: Define overall vision and goals. Conduct workshop(s) and working sessions with business team to understand capabilities needed to run the business.
  • Assess: Assessment of current implementation for evolution towards a future state architecture.
  • Pilot: Develop and recommend the target state architecture, create a Rapid Commerce pilot for the client with client catalog data and catalog images.
  • Recommend: Demo the pilot, share the program plan with a phased approach and a budgetary guidance.


  • Business Capability gaps: identify business capabilities gaps that needs to be filled in target state architecture.
  • Current State Assessment: Identifies technical gaps that need to be filled in target state architecture.
  • Demo the pilot: see the art of the possible.
  • Future State Architecture: Documents the future state architecture to support business vision.
  • High Level Roadmap: Document outlining high level roadmap for the program.
  • Executive Presentation: Executive summary document providing findings, high level roadmap and budgetary guidance range.