Cense for Microsoft 365 License Management

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Cense for Microsoft 365 License Management

AvePoint Inc.

Flexible License Management to Simplify SaaS Ops

Manage Microsoft 365 Licenses with Cense

Better insights and control for your Microsoft cloud licenses

Microsoft licensing causing confusion? Not sure whether you're under- or over-assigned? Having difficulty aligning your total license costs with business units, departments, or regions? Cense can help. Get started with a free 30-day trial.

Flexible License Management to Simplify SaaS Ops

- Report on and control license allocation and budgets

- As your Microsoft 365 spend increases, you need to be prepared to report on license allocation, adoption, and budget consumption. For organizations that offer central or shared IT services, it's critical that they be able to break down insights and delegate controls by business units, departments, or member agencies. That's why we created Cense.

Flexible user grouping
- Group users based on AD property, including location, department, or unit.
- Delegate ownership for each group to scale license administration.

License insights
- Report on global licenses, by user, by group, or by subscription.
- Take action directly from reports.

Delegated license control

- Remove IT bottlenecks. Business, unit, or regional owners can edit, assign, and remove licenses for their own users.

License budget management

- See how license changes affect your budget in real time.

Make Sense of Microsoft 365 Entitlements

- We make it easy to create alignment between global IT licenses and local budgets. Manage one or multiple tenants from our SaaS platform. You get central license control over Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, and more – backed by our scalable, secure cloud platform.

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Please Note: After purchasing a subscription, you must sign up for the product with a Microsoft 365 Global Admin Account to consent to applications from AvePoint. If you sign up with a user account, the “Need admin approval” page will appear to require an admin to grant permission to the application.