Getting started with Lens by Bouvet

Bouvet Norge AS

Getting started with Lens by Bouvet

Bouvet Norge AS

Lens lets you reduce travel time, engage in remote inspections and collaborate across borders.

What is Lens by Bovuet?

Lens by Bouvet is a communication platform made for HoloLens. We support HoloLens, iOS, Android and desktop on the web.

The HoloLens technician can show peers, stakeholders and colleagues exactly what she sees, no matter where she is. Share video, desktop and annotations across localities and borders.

Since launch, Lens by Bouvet has seen a steady growth of downloads and increased amount of usage across the globe. Our users praise the solutions for its simplicity and ease of use.

While the feature set of Lens is simple, it is a great steppingstone for new Mixed Reality users. A HoloLens bundled with Lens, coupled with our strategic advice, will increase the impact of Mixed Reality for new and excising customers. 

Are you ready to see what Mixed Reality can do for your business today? 


Lens supports a wide range of features: 
  • Annotate on HoloLens view
  • Share screen from desktop
  • Multiple HoloLenses in one call 
  • Free 120 minutes trial 
  • 5 participants in one call (trial). 10 participants with valid license

Features of custom installations

Upon request our customers can get their own installations of Lens by Bouvet. Other Mixed Reality companies can even license the module, and install its functionality in their own apps. 
  • Video Recording 
  • Custom UI
  • Possibility to install module in your own app
  • Possibility for on premise installation
  • Regional Server locations