ChainSys Embedded Data Quality for Salesforce (SFDC)


ChainSys Embedded Data Quality for Salesforce (SFDC)


Enterprise-class data quality engine to ensure quality data in SFDC for various master data entity

Value Proposition

Salesforce (SFDC), like any CRM System, is prone to have data quality problems, over time, mainly due to Continuously increasing data volumes, Lack of out of box simplified Master data governance processes in Salesforce (SFDC), OR data feed from various source systems into Salesforce (SFDC), for master data entities like Customers, Prospects, Contacts, etc.

Why ChainSys

  • Pre-built & configurable data models to support any data models from Salesforce (SFDC) which are used as a foundation to manage complex information about the Parties, Customers, Contacts etc. including organizations, locations, and the network of hierarchical relationships among them.
  • No programming: Configuration based implementations with flexible & Configurable data models to support and match various master data entities from Salesforce (SFDC)
  • Consolidate data between multiple peripheral Systems and Salesforce (SFDC) as one time consolidation / migration (Get Clean) or Ongoing Governance (Keep it clean).
  • Pre-built extractors, loaders, and integration templates for various master data entities in Salesforce (SFDC) such as Parties, Customers, Locations, Contacts, contact points, etc.
  • Data Profiling of various master data entities from Salesforce (SFDC) by tying master data with transactional data statistics.
  • Robust data quality engine that is highly configurable, highly automated, and easy to use, speeding time to adoption and value.
  • Master data Cleansing, Enrichment and Deduplication based on Algorithms, Data Dictionary along with Deduplication Report Dashboards for easy data review/adjustment.
  • Configurable survivorship and attributes merging rules for automated merging and enrichment of Golden records

ChainSys Approach

dataZen comes with “essential” capabilities of data quality as a complete system that can coexist with any system landscape with multiple ERP systems including Salesforce (SFDC) and allow various data quality processes below to be streamlined, automated, and user-friendly.

  1. Data Discovery: - ChainSys can connect easily connect to Salesforce (SFDC) to extract master data, reference data, and transactional data, and generate metadata through data profiling. It can help you detect data anomalies and provide a comprehensive view of data completeness and quality to data stewards, business users, and other data consumers. Data lineage is also generated automatically.

  2. Data Cleansing & Standardization: - ChainSys data quality can help with Standardization/Cleansing by detecting, correcting, and sometimes removing undesirable data records e.g., Customer or supplier names, addresses etc. It also supports standardizations and enrichments through 3rd party providers like Google, Loqate, Melissa, Dun & Bradstreet etc.

  3. Data Matching: - ChainSys master data quality identifies and resolves duplicate records with configurable business rules, which can be based on algorithms, or exact or weighted fuzzy matching. Consolidated, grouped data is then presented on comprehensive reports and dashboards along with statistics and analytics for easy data review as well as manual adjustments.

  4. Data Quality Resolution - Review & Approval Workflows: - Data stewards or custodians can approve system-generated matching groups along with suggested survivor records to automatically merge or perform manual adjustments by simply dragging and dropping records across the groups. Reviewed and approved groups can then be further routed for approval before committing to the golden hub.

  5. Master Data Merging & Source Updates: - Once master data has been cleansed and merged, ChainSys data quality can migrate the cleansed and consolidated data into Salesforce (SFDC) using pre-built migration and integration template as part of one-time migration (Get Clean) and in a steady state, trigger master data merge and update actions within Salesforce (SFDC) for various master data entities such as Customers, Prospects etc. as part of ongoing governance (Keep it Clean)

  6. Data Quality Monitoring: - After all your data quality and migration processes, ChainSys can help provide a comprehensive Data Quality Monitoring dashboard and reconciliation reports to assess data quality and consistency across your systems based on the criteria set by your business rules and make an overall and consistent assessment of your data’s quality.