ConnectedLife Health Pte Ltd


ConnectedLife Health Pte Ltd

Remote monitoring and managing chronic conditions for patients, doctors and care teams.

Managing Chronic Conditions and Improving Health Outcomes

ConnectedCare monitors and cares for patients remotely and is highly adaptable. It supports individual and population healthcare management, health risks assessment and personalised care planning.


  • supports patients with chronic conditions such as metabolic conditions (e.g. obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia etc.), cardiovascular conditions (e.g. cardiac arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation and those recovering from cardiac events / surgery) as well as infectious diseases (e.g. COVID).

  • captures health vitals such as BP, BG, HbA1C, HRV, HR, SpO2, BR, temperature; and metrics such as sleep, exercise and activity

  • enables patients to report symptoms

  • medication scheduling notification from clinicians for patients

  • exercise scheduling notifications from clinicians for patients

  • patients can access health tools such as customizable eCOAs / ePROs as well as health risks assessments and dietary assessments

  • clinicians can monitor patients' conditions and health data, manage their treatment plans, assess and detect health risks and issues, 24/7 via a web dashboard

  • customizable clock faces and smartphone apps

  • GDPR, HIPPA and IMDA DPTM compliant

  • Built on the Microsoft Azure trusted cloud, and available as a managed application for full custodianship and security of data

How It Works

  • Patient clock face application allows patients to report symptoms and track the most important vitals from their smartwatch

  • Patient mobile application (iOS and Android) for vital signs monitoring, symptoms reporting, managing medication (e.g. consenting to new treatment regimen) and exercise scheduling

  • Administrator & Clinician Dashboard for monitoring vital signs and symptom progression, prescribing medication and ensuring treatment adherence. Patients are triaged by severity of symptoms, with alerts generated to the assigned clinician.

About ConnectedLife

By integrating state-of-the-art sensor technology, mobile applications and AI, ConnectedLife helps people receive better care and achieve their health and wellness goals.

Immersed in population health research, data science and product development, ConnectedLife provides solutions that motivate users to monitor and improve their health and fitness at their fingertips; facilitate enterprises to improve the wellness of their employee populations, and enable care teams to connect with their patients to monitor and manage their chronic conditions and specialized or acute care needs; through providing care and treatment plans, performing health risk assessments, and conducting timely interventions.