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Ctrack Crystal

Ctrack South Africa PTY Ltd

Ctrack Crystal

Ctrack is a proudly South African supplier of Vehicle Telematics, Fleet Management and Insurance Telematics Solutions. Ctrack is in the business of keeping vehicles, fleets Always Visible, and their occupants safe.

With over 35 years’ experience continuous investment in research and development, Ctrack is committed to making sure your vehicle fleet and mobile assets is utilised efficiently.

Ctrack’s products provide safety and security for car owners and their families, control and ensure cost savings for businesses and a wealth of fleet analytics for informed decisions with quality business owners and operators.

Industry Solutions

Driver Management

This will ensure continuity in following procedures and processes. Get feedback on your operators’ behavior in and around your assets. Applying your energy only in areas where improvement is required. Ctrack Driver Management tools succeed at providing you with multiple solutions to ensure your operations run Effectively, Efficiently, and Safe. Manage your operators, access, and behavior across multiple vehicles and assets.

Government, Local Authorities, Municipalities and Public Transport

Managing fleets of utility vehicles, along with the efficiencies of operators and other employees, is a considerable challenge. With the variety of different vehicles, tasks, routes and people, ensuring optimal service delivery is an extremely complex undertaking.

Transport & Logistics

Overseeing, optimising and successfully managing a large fleet is not an easy task. As a decision maker, you want to ensure that your fleet operations stay efficient, costs are low, and most importantly, your customers are satisfied with the service you offer. To achieve that, you need the help of a tried and tested Fleet Management

solution like Ctrack

Fuel Management

The cost of doing business within the Transportation Industry has increased dramatically over the past few years due to external market conditions. Fuel accounts for 40% – 60% of a fleet’s total operating cost and until now there was no way to accurately and consistently manage & calculate true fuel usage.

Mining & Yellow Equipment

The Ctrack solution offers flexibility for mining and yellow equipment operations. Utilising a range of remote monitoring systems to alert control room staff to driver behaviour, safeguarding against accidents and ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity for your assets. Our solution offers asset-mounted sensors providing instant and detailed reports on events and situations.

Asset Tracking

This rugged, waterproof, cellular GPS tracking device is designed for tracking non-powered, exposed assets where long battery life is essential. This ultra-compact GPS tracking device, which is wireless and battery-operated, is designed to track high-value parcels, cargo, and other valuable assets where the battery life is managed by the frequency of updates and performance settings

Airport Solutions

Understanding the operational hours of equipment inclusive of the time stamps and geo-location is key to realising operational efficiency improvements. Keeping track of machine operational hours furthermore allows for maintenance intervals to be predicated and scheduled so as to avoid service disruptions. GSE service providers are not only looking for historical reports for real-time usage but also need to create predictive usage models for their equipment.


Ctrack’s Agri Solutions help farmers save on costs and improve performance through better planning and decision-making regardless of crop type, farm or fleet size. By providing critical information about your equipment, you can efficiently manage your assets, time and money investment. Our suite of GPS tracking devices is built for the often rough and remote conditions in South Africa so you can rest assured that your agricultural equipment will always be properly monitored.